Friday, December 9, 2011


Katherine Heigl has caught some crap over the years for some stuff she has said in interviews; I myself do like her, and I admire that she speaks her mind, knowing she is exposing herself to scrutiny.

This kinda irks me.  Katherine Heigl is a little thicker than Jennifer Aniston, but is by no means overweight; why should we congratulate her for "accepting her body the way it is?"  Being so fortunate to look like her without having to do any work for of it is hardly something worthy of applause.  Also, I like food too!  I love all the food I eat; loving food and being careful about what you put in your body are NOT mutually exclusive. I'm so tired of people saying "oh, I like food too much" to eat healthy; what a big ol' BS copout.

Everyone has their insecurities, and kudos to her for speaking up about hers, and blah blah blah, but it struck a nerve with me regardless.  *shrug*

Wow, she is SO BRAVE for going out
in public looking like that.
Image courtesy of MSN Wonderwall


  1. Great post! I love Katherine Heigl, and her words kind of irk me too... but, the truth of the matter is, she probably won't have that body forever! I think as she gets older, she will start to truly realize the benefits of nutrition and fitness... she just needs that epiphany! :)

  2. True that Esther! Thanks for commenting :)