Thursday, April 5, 2012

As the Paleosphere turns...

Controversy, controversy everywhere!  Man, I miss when we used to argue about potatoes.  Here's an assortment of my favorite articles that have come out lately about our community.  I'm really just here for the food, but these are good reads.

  • From Highbrow Paleo, the collective blog that I need to contribute to again very soon.  Russ' article is probably our most popular post to date, and was recently featured on Free The Animal.  Then Richard went and called some of our members c*nts and that made me sad :(
  • From The Paleo Periodical- Karen keeps it classy as always.  I don't like shrill tones either.
  • From Ancestralize Me- an excellent post on body-image that has really been making the rounds, and with good reason.
  • And this brand new addition to Highbrow Paleo, by Pat from Nutritionator.


  1. Can't imagine myself being on a Paleo diet. Although there may come a time that I will.

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