Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Chocolate Salty Nuts, and other snacktime favorites!

Since getting off the blood-sugar roller coaster ride, I don't need to snack much, but it's nice to have something healthy-ish on hand when you're busy at work or on the go.  I also see that a lot of times, beginners like to have that safety net of having snack options that are "allowed."  Here are some ideas:

-Chocolate salty nuts: Melt some dark chocolate slowly over low heat; once all the little chunks are melted, mix in a bowl with macadamias, spread out on parchment, and refrigerate until the chocolate is solid again.  These can be portable in a little plastic container.

-Deviled eggs: not very portable, but great if you can keep them in a fridge at work.

-A spoonful of coconut butter

-Larabars: these are full of dates, which are full of sugar, but they are not heavily processed, and are made of real foods, so I think they are great in a pinch.  The coconut cream pie one is really tasty; just don't have these too often!

-Jerky: I'm not big into jerky, but I really like Trader Joe's Teriyaki Turkey Jerky once in awhile.

-YouBars: This is pretty neat; you go on the site, and choose ingredients to make a custom bar.  I got my first order last week, and my recipe needs some tweaking- from now on, I'll choose "more nuts," and I asked them to halve the dates to cut down on the sugar, but the bar was a bit dry.  Pricey, but a very cool concept!


  1. I saw the You bars on a tv show...it is really neat how they are made! I wish Lara bars were less carby. My husband is addicted to them for sure! Thanks for the ideas!

  2. Yeah my boyfriend is hooked too! I made him some YouBars for Valentine's Day, but he definitely seems to prefer Larabars :( Next time I do Youbars, I'm going to request extra nuts, fruit, & spices, and maybe omit protein powder; maybe that caused the dryness...

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  4. Ha! My boyfriend loves Larabars, too--lots! Maybe they should change the name to Larsbarz ... (knew a "Larry" that went by "Lars").

    Youbars sound fantastic ... will have to try 'em. There is a PB recipe for Nutter Butter bars. I add dark chocolate chips and they are really good. :)

    Nice blog.

  5. Thanks WildShan! I will definitely have to try those Nutter Butter bars, that sounds great.