Monday, April 4, 2011

Food Pr0n

I have been massively delinquient in my posting lately, and I don't want to lose my five readers, so here's some food porn to tide ya over!  I apologize in advance if there are any duplicates here, and I will post full recipes for some of these soon.  Work, yada yada, school, yada yada, you get the idea...

Roasted duck with sauteed asparagus and blue skillet taters

Chicken breast wrapped in bacon with green beans
and teeny-tiny potatoes from Trader Joe's

An in-progress omelette- baby arugula and
Blarney Castle cheese

The bacon-wrapped chicken in leftover form:
over spinach salad!

I better warn my sister to avert her eyes- runny yolk alert!
(She has runny-yolk issues)

Soft-boiled egg, sauteed spinach, and oil-poached salmon

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  1. These pics look delish!! Please post recipes. Also, thank you for following, going well so far :-).