Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Local produce-gasm!

I am eating the most delicious salad for lunch and felt compelled to write about it right away.  It has turkey lunch meat on it, but bear with me.  Said turkey is resting upon a mountain of gorgeous salad greens and boiled eggs from a farm in my area.  I added a dressing I picked up from Whole Foods- the ONLY paleo-friendly dressing I have ever seen in a grocery store!  It's called Tessemae's All-Natural Lemon-Garlic Dressing, and it's from Annapolis, a little over an hour from where I live.  All it has in it is olive oil, lemon, garlic, salt, and mustard.  Oh, and of course I added several strips of crumbled bacon.

Anyhoo, this salad mix (from the Funny Farm in Callaway, MD) is amazing.  It has some baby lettuce, arugula, some other leafy stuff and herbs I can't identify, and the result is super tasty.  Like, I never knew the base of a salad could be so good; it usually doesn't taste like much of anything!  I had been trying to call this farm to see about doing a tour with my Meetup group, but the phone number I found online was no good.  I sucked it up and headed over to the farm last weekend.  I went into their store and discovered they sell eggs and butter from the local Amish; score!  When I went to the fridge to get some, the lady at the counter told me about the salad greens, so I grabbed a bag of that too.  I asked her about their beef, if they just sell by the side or quarter, and she let me know there were steaks and ground beef in the freezer.  OH SNAP!  I had been ordering grassfed beef from Vermont, unaware that there was a source of smaller quantities, right on my own backyard.  All because I'm lazy and over-dependent on the internet!  So yeah, I'm so glad I popped in; now I have a new source for cheap, top-quality eggs and butter, and steaks too.

Soon I will have a new phone with a better camera.

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