Thursday, May 19, 2011

Anchovy+Raw Egg= Crazy Delicious

Everyone loves a Caesar salad, but I wonder how many people have ever had one with homemade dressing.  Well, I can assure you it's pretty dang tasty!  Just get over the heebie-jeebies, think of it as a sum of its parts, get your ass to the store, and buy some anchovies.

As often as I eat salads, I can't justify buying most bottled dressings from the store; they are almost always made with soybean and/or canola oil.  If I find the rare "safe" dressing, I'll buy it, and I like to make my own as well.  I found the recipe for this Caesar dressing on Free The Animal; I love the uncomplicated meal ideas, and I really love Richard's rants!  For my salad, I tossed the dressing with a few handfuls of salad mix from my fave local farm, some Caesar cheese mix from BJs, and topped it with some chicken tenders that had been marinated a couple hours in equal parts lemon juice and olive oil, and baked at 425 for about ten minutes. 


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