Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I'm doing the Whole30! No BS this time!

Sound familiar?  Yep, I started a Whole30 for the new year, but quit a few days in :(  I started putting heavy cream and Truvia in my coffee again, had a few drinks on the weekend, and didn't get back on track.  So what's different this time?

  • I'm prepared!  Last weekend we went up to Annapolis to hit up Trader Joe's & Whole Foods to stock up on goodies, and I recently replenished my supply of grass-fed beef.  I also ordered more coconut oil and a couple packs of leaf lard to render so I won't be tempted to cook with my clarified butter.  I've been reading the Whole30 posts on the 9 Blog, perusing Chowstalker for recipes, and today I will be writing up a menu plan.  If I learned one thing from doing Weight Watchers, it's the value of planning meals- that was the key to my (albeit shortlived) success.
  • I have support!  The folks at Whole9 have opened an official Whole30 Facebook page, and I have started a smaller Facebook group with some folks from PaleoHacks, so we can have a lot of interaction and get to know each other a little better.  The beau has claimed he will participate too, but I don't forsee him giving up his peanut butter & protein powders just yet ;)  I've asked him to not tempt me with dinners and ice cream- if we go out to eat, we'll probably stick with Red Robin (they will wrap your burger in lettuce!) sushi (I can eat my weight in salmon sashimi) and maybe some local seafood places.  Having support at home goes a long way!
  • I've hit bottom!  While I feel immensely better since cutting out grains, I still have some lingering gut issues, and it's time to find the culprit.
  • Preparation+Support+Rock Bottom=Motivation and Excitement!  Last time I felt dread, this time I am STOKED!  I don't have the little voice saying "gee, I can't go all of July without my sangria" or "I'll probably end up having a cupcake or two," etc.  The "cheats" and "slip-ups" aren't worth it.  I just feel ready.


  1. awesome for you! I wish you the best for the next 30 days!

  2. Woo HOO! I am ready to get the dairy out to see if my tummy and skin happier, too - and of course if weight loss follows I ain't fightin' it! :)