Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Link Love

My dad was joking with me about "Paleo Gone Bad;" he had sent me an article about some cultures eating dogs :(  A couple of days later, I came across this article about "Nutritional Cannibalism!"  Now that's Paleo Gone Bad.  I didn't find it shocking, personally; I think it makes sense that our ancestors would resort to eating each other to survive, right? 

Not a new article, but I found this to be an easy read for a lay person such as myself.  I keep seeing over and over again that statins are useless for women...

I thought this Getting Started guide over at Cave Girl 101 was great!  I had read Cheryl's story of her health crisis and recovery on robbwolf.com, and was happy to see she started her own site; I find it helpful to get a peek into the trials and tribulations of the other newbies out there.

The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (lolz) has deemed The Primal Bluebrint Cookbook one of the unhealthiest cookbooks of the year!  PCRM's shitlist seems to be making its rounds around the web; hopefully there is indeed no such thing as bad publicity...  A year or two ago, when the Matrix still had me, I myself probably would've read the article and steered clear of the PB, because the name of their organization sounds authoritative, and well, responsible.  Maybe they should change their name to the "Vegan Physicians Committee for Anti-Meat Agendas," ya know, for some transparency.

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