Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Warrior Dash is Coming to Town!

A couple months after completing my first Warrior Dash in Quarryville, PA, I am still super excited that the race will be coming to my previously lame hometown area (specifically, to Budd's Creek in Southern Maryland).  With all the hassle excitement of moving over the last couple of weeks, training has been put on the backburner, and that's totally fine.  While exercise needs to be a priority (especially when preparing for an event- I'm still planning on next year's Tough Mudder), life gets in the way, and rest is important; it is said that recovery is as important as the workout.  When the shit hits the fan, take a week off from working out (or even two!); no big whoop.  You may even find that you are even stronger than before- I did a half-mile jog to warm up, as opposed to my usual quarter-mile, and was swinging around a heavier kettlebell than my norm, yay!  As an added bonus, my pants were feeling pretty loose yesterday; I guess an extended rest (along with reduced carbs) did me good.

Emerging triumphant-ish!

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