Thursday, July 7, 2011

Fancy Omelette for Two

Whenever I go to the grocery store, I pick up a pack of smoked salmon.  I hold it for awhile, put it back, look at it, put it in my cart, and put it back again.  It's really pricey!!  Weekend before last, I was at Trader Joe's and it was one of those rare occurences I actually went through with the purchase, and I made an omelette.

-5 eggs
-4 oz smoked wild salmon, roughly chopped
-2 tsp capers, rinsed
-2 TBS chopped tomato
-A few thin slices of red onion
-Cooking fat of choice: avocado oil would be great, I used some bacon grease

Beat the eggs.  For a long time, until nice & fluffy.  Heat your cooking fat over medium heat in a large pan, add the eggs.  Once they are almost set, add the salmon, capers, tomato and onion, then fold the omelette.  I cook it another minute on each side before serving.

Not the most photogenic breakfast...


  1. That's a good looking omelet Jules! Thanks for sharing!