Monday, July 18, 2011

Pardon the interruption...

What is it about being in a different area code that makes people feel like they can do bad things and it doesn't count?

I went to Ocean City this past weekend.  I intended to stick to the Whole30 and came super prepared- I brought some canned goods, cooking oils, grassfed meat (our lovely friends lent us their condo which has a fully equipped kitchen!), even made and brought coffee creamer.  I also looked up a nearby health food store and was looking forward to checking it out.  Well, as we crossed the Bay Bridge to the Eastern shore of MD, I decided I could live with breaking my Whole30 by having a couple drinks with dinner the next night.  Well, the next morning, I decided to get an iced latte from McDonalds (I thought "hell, I'm already going to have drinks with dinner, meh!")  It was sooo sweet, I drank about 1/4 of it and tossed the rest- definitely a sign that ol' tastebuds were re-calibrating, woohoo!

Well, a couple drinks at dinner gave way to quite a few crappy choices.  The only really special thing I had was a sfogliatelle- the elusive lobster-tail pastry typically found in Italian bakeries in New York and New Jersey.  I had never had one (and didn't know when the opportunity would present itself again) so when I saw a tray full of these beauties at the cafĂ© near our condo, I got one.  I am glad I got to try one, but honestly, I didn't find it all that great!

SO now it's back to square one.  I tried to convince myself I was ok with all these crappy choices, but I wish I'd just stuck with the program.  Things had been going so well, and with all the tools I had at my disposal, it would not have been so hard to stick it out.  I'm paying the price though (my stomach is still feeling pretty off) and am definitely looking forward to feeling awesome again!

Sfogliatelle and digestive enzymes

The bucket of booze from my descent into madness

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