Friday, July 8, 2011

One week down!

I now have one week of the Whole30 behind me, woohoo!  I've pretty much given up on coffee, and I feel fine with it.  Adding coconut cream (the stuff from the top of the can) was ok, but I still found myself forcing the coffee down, and wishing it had truvia in it; don't want to keep playing with fire like that.  The boyfriend offered me some of his limited-time-only peach milkshake last night, and I easily turned it down (I don't think he totally gets that I can't even have a little bit of the forbidden stuff).  Normally I would've taken a big gulp of the thing and gone back for more (he loves his milkshakes, and I love stealing them from him; it doesn't count if I don't order my own, right?)

Occurences like that tell me I am improving my relationship with food and taking back control, and I like control! :)  For the 4th of July, I stayed in control by making and sharing side dishes that are Whole30 friendly, just saying "no thanks" to drinks and other things I'm not having right now, and asking for no BBQ sauce on my chicken.  Easy! 

Sweet potato salad, broccoli salad, free-range
chicken, and a piece of giant grassfed/local chuck steak!

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  1. That meal looks amazing!! Good job on the just saying no! It can be hard. I find it the most difficult, while on vacation and my folks place, to say no to my smiling step mom with the tray full of oreo brownies, saying its your fav, have one, while giving one to my kids behind my back!! lol