Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Whole30- Just Checkin' In

It's day 6 of my Whole30 Program, and it's going so great.  I'm not feeling any differently yet, but it's going great because I'm actually sticking with it.  I made it through 4th of July weekend pretty easily- there were 2 cookouts and even a night of sober karaoke, and I didn't really feel tempted at all, which was pretty cool. 

Yesterday, however, that was kinda tough!  It was my sister's birthday and the family got together for some Thai carryout.  I called the restaurant to make sure their curries were coconut-based as opposed to dairy (they were) and suggested some "meat-on-a-stick appetizers" to my dad, who was doing the ordering.  Despite all my planning ahead, I was severely wanting the spring rolls, the little wonton things, and the ice cream cake (it was Turkey Hill- I didn't know they even made ice cream cake!)  A couple times I almost made a grab for the naughty appetizers, but I resisted.  I knew it wasn't worth it to risk undoing all the progress I've made, and if the damn wontons are that great, there will be more of them next month.  I just kept telling myself that, and made it through the evening!

A lot of drama and self-congratulating over a little food, I know.  We get so used to treating ourselves and giving in to our desires all the time, and, well, we get spoiled.  I think of challenges like this as not only healing to the body, but a great exercise in restraint.  It's nice being a grownup and getting to do whatever you want, but eventually you've gotta learn to tell yourself "no."  And when you do, give yourself a little pat on the back! :)


  1. Spring rolls are of the devil! Glad you resisted Jules!

  2. I'm trying to ACTUALLY stick to Paleo for 30 days, so this was a really helpful post! It helps to see how other people resist temptation so I can try it as well! My main problem is wine...mehhhh...(and Josh). haha :)

  3. Thanks Sara :) The boyfriend factor is tough! Cassidy's pretty paleo, but if he offers to take me out for food, I rarely say no, and then I'm faced with all kinds of bad stuff! I had a talk with him about this program and asked him to be mindful of unknowingly tempting me with stuff, and it's been going pretty well.